Kirkland’s Favorite Carpet Cleaning Pros

Experience why your neighbors throughout the entire Eastside trust Simple Steam for all their Carpet, Upholstery, & Tile Cleaning needs! 

Kirkland’s Favorite Carpet Cleaning Pros

Experience why your neighbors throughout the entire Eastside trust Simple Steam for all their Carpet, Upholstery, & Tile Cleaning needs! 

Straightforward Pricing

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Green Cleaning

Simple carpet & interior cleaning for a happier, healthier home

Simple Steam is now a Top Rated Professional Carpet Cleaning Company in Kirkland! With natural, non-toxic cleaning solutions, efficient customer service, top of the line cleaning equipment and a company you can trust, we have it all. But don’t take it from us... read what your neighbors in Kirkland are saying about our services

Founded on principles of simplicity and quality, we strive to provide our clients with a simple and seamless cleaning experience tailored to their needs. We separate ourselves from the competition by avoiding high-pressure sales tactics, low-ball pricing, and inferior cleaning technologies. Through high-quality workmanship and excellent customer service we aim to build life-long relationships with our clients. We guarantee that from the moment you book your appointment, to the time your carpets look brand new, you'll be glad you chose Simple Steam. 

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Carpet Cleaning

Since we care about our customers and their precious time, we have invested in the proper equipment to efficiently clean your carpets. Our powerful cleaning technology is capable of absorbing 90% of the moisture out of your carpets! Leaving your carpets clean and dry within a couple of hours! Not only will your carpets be dry faster, they'll be safe for your family walk on right after because we use non-toxic, green products to ensure healthy air quality for your home. Our carpet cleaning process removes up to 99% of bacteria and leaves your carpets looking and smelling brand new.

For your convenience, our technicians will also help move small furniture in the room being cleaned, such as coffee tables, chairs and other light objects. However, due to liability purposes, we cannot move large furniture and ask you to take care of this ahead of time. We highly value long-lasting relationships with our clients, so our prices are always straightforward and we do an excellent job of providing accurate quotes online & over the phone. As of January 2020, all residential carpet cleanings will include FREE Carpet Protectant to help resist future stains & soiling.

Our Carpet Cleaning Process:

Pre-inspection & initial walk-through with client
Go through cleaning recommendations & confirm pricing
Protect corners & hard surfaces before setting up equipment
Apply biodegradable pre-treatment to break down stains & soil
Rinse & extract while applying long lasting carpet protectant
Post-inspection & payment collection with client
carpet cleaning before and after

A good cleaning makes a carpet easier to maintain over the years!


"Simple Steam came and cleaned my carpets. The office and hall and stairs were old carpet that I didn't have much hope for. They literally look brand new. I am shocked and amazed. Mikail worked quickly but thoroughly. I would highly recommend Simple Steam."
Tricia N, Kirkland WA
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Upholstery Cleaning

In addition to carpet cleaning, we take care of all types of upholstery! Whether you’ve got microfiber, cotton, polyester, silk, or any other type of upholstery, we’ll take proper care of it by following the procedures set forth by the IICRC.

Upholstery is much more delicate than carpets, the fibers on your sofa aren’t made to take the beating that your carpets do. For this reason, we recommend getting your furniture cleaned every 12-24 months, depending on the amount of soiling they get. When getting your upholstery cleaned it’s very important to pick someone that will use the right cleaning products and procedure.

Our Upholstery Cleaning Process: 

Pre-inspect upholstery for excessive wear & tear
Pre-vacuum all pieces & the base
Pre-treat any stains or spills
Pre-condition using a low pH cleaning solution
Hand clean using hot water extraction to rinse out soils embedded in fibers
Allow upholstery to dry by placing cushions in a vertical position
Apply fabric protectant to resist stains between cleanings
upholstery cleaning project in kirkland

We promise that this isn't a stock photo 😉


"Mikao was great! He took the time to give me a call ahead of time and listen through details/specific requests, including how to handle my rambunctious pup while I wasn't there. The process was smooth and there was absolutely zero smell and no dampness after the work had been done, so I was able to enjoy my freshly cleaned couches and carpets right away. The payment process is also very simple and guided via text message, making it accessible and simple. Thank you!"
Anastasia V, Kirkland WA
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Pet Odor Removal

With over half of households in Washington state owning a pet, we can assure you that we’ve seen our fair share of accidents. From vomit to urine-soaked carpet, we’ve seen it all and can confidently assure you that we’d be happy to take care of any issues you might have.

The most common request we’ve received over the years is pet urine odor removal. Wanting to help our customers as fully as possible, we decided to search for a simple yet effective solution to eliminating urine odors. We tried out countless treatments on the market and were not happy with any of them so we decided to work with chemists to develop our own pet odor treatment. Our super-effective urine treatment travels all the way down to the carpet padding to eliminate a majority of urine odors on contact. To provide peace of mind: Pet Odor Removal is a GUARANTEED service, meaning that if the odor doesn't go away, we'll come back to re-treat the spots for FREE!

Our Pet Odor Removal Process:

Pre-inspection with a high-powered blacklight
Go over pricing and recommendations with client
Treatment preparation, application & dwell time
Thorough rinse & extraction during cleaning
Carpet drying and final off-gassing period
pet odor removal

Our carpet cleaning will get rid of your pet's urine odor!


"Simple Steam carpet cleaning has always done an excellent job cleaning our carpets. We have used their services twice now and they are always able to get them looking revived and smelling great! We have 3 dogs, so accidents are always inevitable. Mikao works fast and efficiently, but also making sure to respect the environment around him - we customers appreciate that so much. The customer service is always accommodating and extremely flexible. We have already recommended them to many family and friends and those who have used their services agree! I couldn’t be happier with the results."
Zena K, Kirkland WA
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Tile & Grout Cleaning

While we clean carpets at a water pressure of 300 psi, our powerful truck-mounted machines are capable of blasting dirt and grime away from your tile and grout at up to 1,000 psi! The results that we’re able to get with tile and grout truly amazes us every time, and it certainly makes for a fun and exciting cleaning.

Luckily, hard surfaces don’t require as much maintenance as carpets do. However, a good rule of thumb is to get your tile professionally cleaned every other time you get your carpets cleaned to prevent permanent discoloration or staining of your hard surfaces. We apply a layer of sealer to your grout lines after each cleaning, but once that sealer wears off, your grout becomes very susceptible to staining, so it’s best to get it resealed sooner, rather than later. 

Our Tile & Grout Cleaning Process:

Pre-inspect the surface to check for damage & stains
Sweep / vacuum away loose dirt & debris
Pre-treat hard surface & grout lines
Agitate the surface to further loosen up grime & grease
Blast away & vacuum everything with SX-15 hard surface tool
Apply sealer to the grout lines & allow to dry
tile and grout before and after

We take care of your toughest tile & grout too!


"Our ceramic tile floor was VERY dirty, but not anymore. It is super clean now. We will definitely use this service again!"
Rex J, Kirkland WA
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Commercial Cleaning

In addition to cleaning in a residential setting, we are available to take care of any commercial carpet cleaning needs you may have. From small to large, we’ve got you covered. Give us a call and we’ll schedule a time to scope out the place, learn what you’re looking for, and give you a competitive estimate based on the size and condition of the carpets.

Looking beyond a single carpet cleaning visit, we also offer discounts on our maintenance plans! We know that your goal is to keep your business or office carpets clean year-round. When we come out to give your estimate we will also ask you how soon the carpets usually get dirty and how often you get them cleaned. Knowing this information will give us a good idea of how often we should clean your carpets and how much of a discount we can give you on those scheduled cleanings.

As with our residential clients, our goal is to create lasting relationships. We want the gratification that comes from knowing that we fulfill all your cleaning needs, year after year. Just like you, we take all the proper steps and use the most powerful equipment to deliver the best service to our clients.

commercial carpet cleaning project

Enjoy a cleaner, more productive workplace


"I called Simple Steam to have my office carpets cleaned and I had a time deadline. I was able to book an appointment right away. Mikao arrived promptly. He was friendly and gave me a very reasonable estimate. I had many areas that were heavily soiled and on very light colored carpet. I didn't think the dark black spots would come out but Mikao assured me they would. Sure enough, when he was finished all the carpets looked like new and there were no spots whatsoever! I was very pleased with his overall performance and professionalism. I highly recommend Mikao and Simple Steam."
Jennifer A, Kirkland WA
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Why Kirkland Trusts Simple Steam Carpet Cleaning

OUR MISSION: To provide a simple and seamless cleaning experience tailored to our customer’s needs using the safest and most advanced cleaning methods available.

Simple Steam is an industry leader in providing customer-centric carpet, upholstery and tile cleaning. We service the entire eastside, from Bothell to Renton and Bellevue to Duval! With over a decade of cleaning experience, we have found that investing in the most effective and efficient cleaning technologies brings the most value to our clients and yields the best results. On most of the carpets we clean, we use the hot water extraction (steam) method which is powered by a HydraMaster CDS 4.8 overdrive mounted on a Chevy Express. This type of cleaning is referred to as a “truck-mounted cleaning” and is the preferred method of cleaning by 98% of carpet manufacturers! On top of this, we only use safe, non-toxic, green cleaning products so that our clients can have peace of mind knowing that their pets and children will be able to walk on the carpets as soon as we leave.

In our 10 years of experience, we have seen many companies around here come and go. Most of these companies are started in hopes of making quick money using an unsustainable business model. A tactic we have seen used far too many times within our industry is the “bait and switch”. This is when a company advertises prices anywhere from $10-30 per room to get in the door, only to tell you that the price will be tripled, or even quadrupled once they are ready to get started! Now that you’ve found us, there’s no need to worry about this happening to you. Our pricing is straightforward and we will gladly give you an accurate estimate over the phone before we come out.

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Your Satisfaction, Guaranteed

Our reputation is worth everything to us and we are in this business to create long-term relationships with our clients. For this reason, we provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee for all our work. We will re-clean anything you’re not happy with until you are satisfied. At Simple Steam, we promise to provide you with the same amazing service year after year